18K gold braided band. 3mm wide, 2.7mm thick.

18K gold braided band. 3mm wide, 2.7mm thick.


All Daniel Gibbings rings are made to order. Have questions? We would love to hear from you. Please contact us at 1-805-565-1284 or by email.

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I have been getting amazing pieces from here for years. Today I picked up my engagement ring. Thank you for the amazing ring and memories!


Finally we met "the Artist" Thank you Daniel for your work of infinite beauty + perfection. We humans can only strive to be as beautiful, with hopeful eyes, as your creations of love + Magic! Thank you!

-Carmen & Don.

Twelve years ago Daniel Gibbings made my wedding ring, and today I am leaving with a gorgeous pair of black opal earrings. They are works of art unlike any I have seen. Thank you!