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Aden Ring


18K Royal Yellow Gold ring with 9.5mm round center Green Beryl, side Tsavorites and accent white Diamonds. 0.27 diamond carat weight. 


Product Dimensions:
Round Green Beryl 9.5mm (1)
Round Tsavorites 1.6mm (20)
Round Diamond 1.6mm (2)
Round Diamond 1.5mm (6)
Round Diamond 1.1mm (18)

Shank width 5.5mm

Master size 6.5 Available in all sizes.

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Care & Repair

Caring for your jewelry

Proper care is key to ensuring that a piece of jewelry will retain its beauty and strength for many years. Cleaning a piece of jewelry will bring back its original color and shine, often making it appear like new.This can be done periodically at home or ideally quarterly by a Daniel Gibbings professional.

In addition to periodic cleaning, it is important to inspect jewelry for loose stones, bent prongs, worn links and clasps. Catching these problems early on can prevent the potential for expensive repairs or replacements. Please contact a Daniel Gibbings professional if you detect any of the aforementioned conditions to ensure that your jewelry stands the test of time.

Gemstone Care

Although gemstones vary in fragility, there are general guidelines for preventing discoloration, fractures, or breakage. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals (such as chlorine and other household products), extreme light or heat, and salt water.

We advise removing all jewelry before performing any manual labor or strenuous activity which might lead to sharp blows to the jewelry or cause excessive friction. Never pull on the stone when removing a piece of jewelry as this can cause damage to the prongs or bezel.

When storing jewelry, keep pieces in separate pouches to avoid scratching and tarnishing.

Cleaning Instructions

It is common for natural skin oils, perfumes, lotion, and soaps to cause jewelry to appear dull over time. Here are our tips for keeping your jewelry looking good as new.

Gold & Platinum

  1. Cleaning gold and platinum jewelry is simple and only requires a gentle dish soap, a soft baby’s tooth brush, and a lint-free cloth.
  2. Prepare a small bowl of warm water, soak each piece before brushing, then transfer to a strainer and rinse under warm running water
  3. Pat dry with a soft and lint-free cloth.

Sterling Silver

  • Silver will tarnish over time, especially in the presence of every day items that contain sulfur.
  • If silver jewelry comes in contact with sulfur, it will instantly tarnish and therefore will need to be cleaned by a Daniel Gibbings professional. 
  • To clean your silver jewelry you may use a special silver polishing cloth.

Cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic or steam cleaners

  • You can clean the following gemstones in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Garnet, Moonstone, Morganite, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, and Tourmaline.
  • You can also soak them in a bowl of water with touch of gentle dish soap and use a soft baby’s tooth brush to scrub around and behind the stone.
  • Place in a strainer and rinse under warm water before patting dry with a lint-free cloth.

Cleaning jewelry with warm water & soap

  • Emerald, Opal, Pearls, and Turquoise require special care. They should be kept away from hairspray, perfume, make-up, chemicals, including household cleaners, chlorine and dirt.
  • This is due to the fact that these stones are porous and will absorb the aforementioned chemicals which will alter their appearance.
  • To clean these gemstones, wash them under lukewarm running water with a touch of gentle dish soap and dry them with a lint-free cloth.
  • When storing opals or pearls they must be kept in a humid environment or they may crack.

Customer Service

Thank you for choosing Daniel Gibbings. We are committed to making sure that your shopping experience is as easy as possible. Please do not hesitate to call 1-805-565-1284 or email us with any questions or special request regarding your order.

Ready-to-ship pieces

Please note that there is a $100 restocking fee for ready-to-ship pieces.

When will your order be processed?

Each of our pieces are made to order especially for you. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery or contact us for rush orders at 1-805-565-1284 or email us.

Delivery to international destinations and some U.S. territories

At this time, we are only able to allow online orders for ONLY inside the United States. Please call 1-805-565-1284 or email us for inquiries.

Shipping Costs/Insurance

Your order will ship complementary via Standard overnight and is fully insured. (For insurance reasons, a signature is required for all shipments; we cannot deliver P.O box addresses).

For any repairs, shipping is the client’s responsibility. Daniel Gibbings  will not be responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please be sure to insure and track any pieces you ship to Daniel Gibbings should repairs be needed.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax will be collected for all orders shipped, Depending on the states tax laws.

Return Policy

At Daniel Gibbings, we want you to be pleased with your purchase. If for some reason you are not completely content, you may return* any unworn and undamaged item(s) within 7 days for a full refund, and 14 days for store credit (unworn, undamaged with original packaging.) You will receive your refund/credit once the piece has been returned and Inspected.

Daniel Gibbings does not issue refunds,store credit, or exchanges for custom Jewelry.

**Credit will only be valid from 1 year from the date of purchase. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing of your return.

Return Process

  • Orders must be returned 7-14 days of receipt in the original packaging, in unworn condition accompanied with the original receipt.
  • A return claim may be emailed to our authorized Daniel Gibbings boutique, or Daniel Gibbings service center and a confirmation of return must be accepted. 
  • It's the clients responsibility to ship and insure returned merchandise to Daniel Gibbings.You must follow the instructions exactly; failure to do so will prevent the process of return.

Stone Repair Policy

We will replace any accent diamonds (2mm & smaller) within the first year from purchasing date. If there is any damaged to the piece, Daniel Gibbings will replace the diamonds/stones at the cost of the client. Upon expiration of the stone repair policy period, any service/repair will be subject to a service charge.

Fibula Repairs/Cleaning

Fibula pieces can be repaired or cleaned by Daniel Gibbings at cost plus shipping of the client. Please contact us for a quote.

Privacy Policy

To find out how we handle your e-mail address and personal information, please consult our Privacy Policy page.